Infographic: how to stock a vegan pantry with protein

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you’ve likely been asked the question, “So where do you get your protein?” It’s a common misconception that protein — the human body’s major building block — is missing from our diets.

In his book Proteinaholic (2015), weight loss surgeon Dr. Garth Davis dispels the myths about veganism and animal protein. We can consume the protein we need from many plant-based sources.

For examples, check out this chart I followed by links to recipes.


Here’s a great video showing how to make a protein-packed salad. For vegans, just skip the feta cheese.

More recipes

black bean brownies

coconut green curry hummus

mushroom barley risotto

spinach and artichoke quinoa pizza crust

buckwheat noodles with green beans, toasted sesame and lime vinaigrette

Mexican ranchero amaranth stew

sesame garlic noodles with broccoli, basil and crispy tempeh

tempeh tomato herb sandwich

black bean tempeh tacos

tropical spirulina smoothie

spirulina banana whip smoothie bowl

spirulina mint chocolate chip ice cream


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