smoothie bowl with figs, kiwi and blueberries

Easy ways to eat fresh figs

Sweet and luscious, delicate and pretty — fresh figs make an easy, rich pairing with a variety of dishes (hello, cheesecake!). In Ontario, they're typically available from June to November due to the short growing season, but I've been finding black mission figs at grocery stores almost all year round. Biting into a perfectly ripe and juicy fig … Continue reading Easy ways to eat fresh figs

mac and cheese casserole

Baked cauliflower mac and cheese

January is often synonymous with "detox," launching a million juice cleanses and yoga passes. I prefer to start the new year indulging in the heartiest, most satisfying, lip-smacking comfort food — both to fill my steady hunger cravings and keep me sane during the Canadian winter. On a frigid day when my only agenda is … Continue reading Baked cauliflower mac and cheese


Post-party hangover cures for vegans

Last night's holiday soirée had the cocktails flowing, and you found yourself sipping a bit too much prosecco. So when it comes time to treating your hangover the next morning (or afternoon), make sure you're prepared. For starters, don't come home from the party to an empty fridge. Keep it stocked with the supplies you'll need … Continue reading Post-party hangover cures for vegans

savoury granola bowl

Vegan breakfasts you’ll want to get out of bed for

Eat, drink coffee and be lazy. It's a dreary Saturday in November, a stay-in-your-cozy-pajamas kind of morning. Today, you're not rushing out the door with a juice, phone and newspaper in one hand. Slow down and take some time to make yourself an indulgent breakfast. Keep scrolling for ideas that will wake up your taste buds (and they don't … Continue reading Vegan breakfasts you’ll want to get out of bed for