Peas + Thank You sandwiches

Toronto Veg Spring Market

More than 40 vendors gathered at the Artscape Wychwood Barns last Sunday, serving up plant-based fare to satisfy anyone's tastes. Hosted by the Toronto Vegetarian Association, the second annual Veg Spring Market offered plenty of sweet, savoury, saucy, spicy and cheezy treats. Check out the highlights below. It's a Sausage Party With names like The … Continue reading Toronto Veg Spring Market


Post-party hangover cures for vegans

Last night's holiday soirée had the cocktails flowing, and you found yourself sipping a bit too much prosecco. So when it comes time to treating your hangover the next morning (or afternoon), make sure you're prepared. For starters, don't come home from the party to an empty fridge. Keep it stocked with the supplies you'll need … Continue reading Post-party hangover cures for vegans

chocolate cheesecake

How to impress non-vegans at the Christmas potluck: part 2

Last week I shared tips on winning over the crowd by serving up mulled wine. Today, let's turn our attention to dessert. I used my new blender to make this vegan chocolate cheesecake with figs and raspberries (inspired by This Rawsome Vegan Life). Oats and dates make up the crust. The filling is a decadent purée of cashews, bananas, … Continue reading How to impress non-vegans at the Christmas potluck: part 2


Essential chocolate guide

Chocolate has long captured our appetites, hearts and creativity. Its bittersweet, mood-enhancing qualities have inspired many, from the sacred rituals of the Aztecs and Mayans, to the books and films of today (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Like Water for Chocolate). Nowadays vegans can enjoy raw cacao and cocoa powder—from which chocolate is derived—as many grocers are carrying it in organic, … Continue reading Essential chocolate guide