Post-party hangover cures for vegans

Last night's holiday soirĂ©e had the cocktails flowing, and you found yourself sipping a bit too much prosecco. So when it comes time to treating your hangover the next morning (or afternoon), make sure you're prepared. For starters, don't come home from the party to an empty fridge. Keep it stocked with the supplies you'll need … Continue reading Post-party hangover cures for vegans

spicy pizzas

How to get creative with vegan pizza

Pizza is appropriate any time of the day. It can be sweet or savoury, spicy or mild. When you're picking a sauce and toppings, think of the pizza dough as your canvas. Your colour palette is a smorgasbord of vibrant hues. And your tools simply involve a baking pan and a rolling pin. (I use a … Continue reading How to get creative with vegan pizza